Working On My Letters

Happy Friday! Everyone here in Chapel Hill is breathing a sigh of relief that Hurricane Dorian essentially passed us by. I was not looking forward to dealing with another hurricane, especially after the two we had last year. But the sun is out and the heat is creeping back in so I know all is normal.

I wanted to take a few minutes to chat about something I mentioned in my latest newsletter (sign up for my newsletter!). I’m learning a new skill. Well, I guess more accurately, I’m fine-tuning a skill I already have, and that skill is known as “writing”.

I love illustrating quotes, portions of poems and nursery rhymes, and other sayings, but those illustrations would sometimes come out looking a little sloppy. I mean, my regular handwriting is kind of a mess, so I knew I needed some help in that department. And that meant Learning New Things!

I’m a nerd so taking a class (a fun class) is always exciting for me! I read graphs about the different parts of a letter and how to work with up strokes and down strokes (chortle*snicker). I’m not gonna lie, most of my early experimentations came out looking like complete crap. But I persisted. After about a week of coursework and some trial and error, I decided to get serious about my hand-lettering experimentation:

I’m really proud of this new skillset. The only thing left I want to do to round this training out is to take a calligraphy course. Other than that, I never would have imagined a few months ago that I would create some of the designs I created. It’s still a work in progress and I’m sure in a few months I will look back on the designs above and see a ton of mistakes. But that’s all part of the process. Heck, my artwork from last year shocks me when I look at it (and mostly in a bad way). But now I’m cranking out some pretty cool stuff.

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