Sticker Fail, Abstracting My Art, and My Own Personal Cone of Silence

It’s been a long few weeks, people. Not only have I been implementing my re-branding on my site and across social media (not to mention the months of planning), I’ve been battling with my ear drum, working on new stickers, and trying to learn new ways to art. Oh, and I need to order more business cards.

First things first, I FAILED! But not really. I found some stickers that finally work for me. They’re thinner than the last brand I tried, but I feel like the colors are more vibrant. AND they are suitable for outdoor use, so you can totally stick them on your car, bike, toddler, whatever. However, my first try at them was, admittedly, an epic fail.

Loved the color but not the fact that I had to cut them out.

I realized from this snafu that I loaded the file wrong and they thought the whole thing was one giant sticker, which I subsequently had to cut up to use. I decided to spare you the cutting up phase of your sticker happiness and created the right file for die cut sticker sheets. Honestly, these little mer-cat stickers are really cute. And because the stickers are thinner, I feel they are better suited for mixed media and scrapbooking projects. I promise to share the new and improved sticker sheet once it arrives.

But in the meantime, if you want to buy another sticker from me, check out my shop here.

What else has been going on … oh! I’m taking a short class in abstract art. It’s really just me creating basic geometric shapes in bright colors but arranging them all pretty like. Abstract art is something I’ve always struggled with creating, since it is, you know, abstract. I’m more comfortable with drawing an elephant or a person or a flower. But a bunch of random color blobs that could “represent” a flower is not my strong suit. And this is year of getting outside my comfort zone with art, so yeah. Working on getting more comfortable with abstract stuff. On the bright side, I realized that circles and triangles are my FAVORITES!

Also, I’ve decided that earplugs are my new best friend that shall travel with me everywhere because (thanks to my desire to cool off in our pool last Thursday) I’ve had water stuck in my ear for the last six days. Yup. I’m living inside my own head and not in a good way. Everything echoes and hurts and I kinda just want to sleep until it’s over but I HAVE THINGS TO DO. I normally handle illness or physical issues more like an adult, but I don’t know what it is about my ears (and eyes) that turns me into a giant wuss. Maybe I just value all five of my senses, with special emphasis on those two. The worst part is when you think it’s clearing up and you get a small shard of hope only to have it squashed as your ear fills back up with pressure and that ever-present freaking humming noise. But thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, I was able to get something today that will hopefully help clear it up. Because I want my life back.

So that’s all the updates I have for now! Hopefully the next time I post an update, I will have full use of my whole head, better understanding of abstract art, and a sticker sheet worthy of praise. In the meantime, wear ear plugs, hydrate, and have a great week!

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