Artwork Not Working? Try A Limited Color Palette

Rainbow Vomit All artists have been there at some point. Everything seems to be working except the color choices. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re working with paint or other traditional materials. But if your painting or illustration looks like a unicorn shat all over your canvas or design,[Read more]

The Time Grows Nigh!

We all know that I love (and am slightly obsessed with) Halloween. So I am creating a wonderful giveaway for my most favorite day of the year! To get all the details in my upcoming newsletters, go here and sign up! You really don’t want to miss out on this[Read more]

My August Favorites

Hello everyone! So at the request of some of my readers (**hiiiiiii!**), I’ve decided to start a monthly blog post about my favorite art (and art related) supplies each month. If you’re looking for some items to spice up your creativity, then check out what I have below. 1. Molotow[Read more]

My Trip To San Francisco

Last week I was fortunate enough to see San Francisco and the Redwoods! Alcatraz and the Redwoods have been on my bucket list for years and years now. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a spooky prison and some incredibly tall trees? We spent time touring the city and[Read more]

First Six Months

Six Months In Well, I’ve officially passed the six month mark for running my studio as a full-time business. It’s a weird point in my life because I have never NOT worked for anyone else full time. But yesterday I paused and took stock of where I am and how[Read more]