Maybe I’m a Werewolf

I’m noticing a trend here and I’m wondering if my subconscious is trying to tell me that I was a wolf in a past life…or a werewolf in this life.

(Question – do werewolves retain their memory when in human form? I feel there are differing opinions on this. Discuss.)

Why am I wondering about the state of my nocturnal wolf-ness? I seem to be putting moons in a LOT of my artwork lately. And yeah, some are crescent moons if you want to be super picky about it (and I know some of you do).

But I mean, just LOOK at my artwork below:

I guess it could just be that I’m more of a night person and not a day person. It could also be because I love Halloween and that wonderful day is fast approaching. But I really feel the most logical answer is that I am a werewolf…and just in time for Halloween!

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