How to Use Procreate Stamps

You may have noticed – or not – that I am selling three different kinds of Procreate stamp packages in my shop. You may also be wondering what the heck you do with those stamps. Allow me to help step you out of the dark, my friend, and into the bright and wonderful world of Procreate Stamps.

(If you are new to the world of digital art-making and have no idea what Procreate is…this post might not be for you.)

First things first, a stamp is basically a brush, meaning they are located where your brushes in Procreate are and you load them the same way you would regular brushes. You can also change their size and color the same way you can a typical brush.

But for me, that is where the “typical” brush comparisons end.

A stamp for Procreate is really just that – a digital stamp. You press down or tap on your screen once with your finger or stylus, and it “stamps” the image on the screen. You don’t draw or sketch with stamps. You tap and move on.

Procreate stamps are great short cuts in making your artwork.

It’s ready-made art at your fingertips and it has definitely streamlined my work.

For a step-by-step guide on how to use a stamp, see the images below:

What stamps would you like to see? Leave a comment below!

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