Deets on My Sleepy Hollow Print!

I recently completed a new illustration that will be rolling out in time for all of you spooky lovers out there. Or people who just love a classic book.

I *just* put the finishing touches are THIS fabulous piece of artwork!

So the inspiration for this – besides my love of Halloween – is a once-in-a-lifetime trip I am taking this fall with my mom and sister to Sleepy Hollow, NY! Travel arrangements are done and tickets for events are being purchased as they become available. We currently have tickets for the Sleepy Hollow Experience…we’re not quite sure what it is but we want to do it. Supposedly it’s some kind of hour long immersion experience. I’m curious to see how my mom likes it 🙂

Next up, we are waiting for tickets for the Great Jack-o-Lantern Blaze (AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!), the reading of Washington Irving’s book “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, and a nighttime lantern tour of the spooky Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. I’m sure during the day (weather permitting) we will be doing lots of things around town and maybe driving around and viewing some historical landmarks. All three of us are kinda history nuts, so it works out. And between this trip and the one I am taking with my husband to Salem, MA I am LOSING MY MIND waiting for October. I apologize in advance to anyone within a five mile radius of me during the month of September.

Oh yeah, I was talking about some art I did…

Here are some up close details of the work:

I can’t seem to draw much anymore without adding some sparkly stars and a moon. Something about those night skies, know what I mean? One thing I remember from the old school Legend of Sleepy Hollow cartoon (the one with Bing Crosby narrating) is the scene where the clouds close over the moon like a hand smothering the light. It was cool and creepy!

The Headless Horseman runs through an old abandoned graveyard in the furthest reaches of the woods around Sleepy Hollow in my print. My favorite is the tiny skull!

And finally I have some texture on the pumpkin and the horse. I love me some texture. I’m rather impressed with myself on how this print turned out and how I was able to translate this artwork into my own style. Would you believe that the hardest part about the horse and rider was getting this guy’s shoe just right? I’m not joking. I wish I were.

So there is the backstory and some close-ups of my newest artwork. This piece took a total of 16 hours to create over a course of a few days, from initial sketch to finished product. The hours do NOT include mocking the thing up for viewing. So if you’re out there thinking “I wonder how long something like this takes to make?” There ya go. I was tempted to add more details but didn’t want to overwork it.

What do you think of this piece? Any other stories out there you would like to see me create artwork for?

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