Deets on My Sleepy Hollow Print!

I recently completed a new illustration that will be rolling out in time for all of you spooky lovers out there. Or people who just love a classic book. I *just* put the finishing touches are THIS fabulous piece of artwork! So the inspiration for this – besides my love[Read more]

Rainbow Skies Pattern

August Awesomeness and Rainbows

I have designated August as the Month of Awesome. I did this for several reasons. (1) It is my least favorite month. The summer is dragging by this point and I’m ready for Fall. So by kicking things in high gear this month, it takes my mind off the sweat[Read more]

More Eggs in More Baskets

If there is one thing I have learned this year, it’s diversifying. That’s solid advice when it comes to your 401K, footwear, musical tastes, and shops that sell your products. In other words, I now have my artwork and designs in more than one place. I felt this was needed[Read more]