August Awesomeness and Rainbows

I have designated August as the Month of Awesome. I did this for several reasons.

(1) It is my least favorite month. The summer is dragging by this point and I’m ready for Fall. So by kicking things in high gear this month, it takes my mind off the sweat dripping down my back and all the mosquito bites I have.

(2) I am now legitimately and solely in business for myself. Allow me to explain. If you are on my newsletter (and you all should be *ahem*), then you are aware that I have officially resigned from my part time job working for the abstract artist based out of New Jersey. So now I technically have no “safety net” of income and now must earn a living purely off my own wit and creativity. Let’s all see how this goes.

I needed to let go of some things this summer that I feel were holding me back. From relationships to jobs. And while I learned a lot of awesome things working part time for another artist, I didn’t want my art to suffer. I have a big project coming up in the next few months and I want to be sure I can dedicate my time fully to making it as awesome as I can. Also, the monotony of the summer was starting to sap my creativity. Freeing up my mornings (when I seem to be the most creative…even though I’m not a morning person) these past few days has provided a time to journal and experiment in my sketchbooks.

And I have been cranking out some pretty cool stuff digitally as well!

I’ve drawn more rainbows than what I will force in front of your eyeballs in this post, but I feel the rainbow could be a metaphor of new beginnings for me. The storms are over. I don’t doubt my own skill and talent and I also no longer seek validation from social media regarding my worthiness as an artist. It’s been wonderful to see how far I’ve come since this time last year when I was a bundle of nerves over my career decisions.

I needed the last 12 months to grow as an artist, entrepreneur, and as a person. I’m not saying it’s been a road paved in gold. It’s been a struggle to stay motivated, inspired, and optimistic. I’ve worried over money and wondered about the future of my little studio. And yeah, to some extent, I still wonder about the future…but less in a “OMG what the heck have I done I miss my large paycheck and social status” and more in a “I’m curious about where this will take me and about all the cool crap I’m gonna make” kind of way. A definite improvement, I’ll say.

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