About Me

Hey there! 

My name is Amber Leigh Fagan and I am a surface designer and illustrator living with my hubby and two dogs in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Most days you can find me lounging around in leggings and t-shirts with a coffee cup in hand as I doodle on my iPad Pro. 

I am mostly known for my bright and whimsical artwork. People often (lovingly) refer to me as an overgrown child, and my artwork definitely reflects my youthful vibe. 

I love creating my illustrations and my art helped pull me out of a year long depression. After that, I decided that I only wanted to create happy art that makes other people smile. I want to encourage the inner child us in all to come out and play. 

The things I am most passionate about in life are:

  • Creating – I get so much satisfaction out of drawing and creating new things that this is a definite must for me. It is therapy, expression, my job, and my passion all rolled into one.
  • Learning new things – I get bored easily so it is important that I learn new things on a regular basis. Whether I am trying out new art techniques or finally attempting to learn a foreign language, I’m always on the lookout for something new and interesting to try.
  • Traveling to new places – I have a moderate case of wanderlust that is tempered by my homebody nature. But I get twitchy if I haven’t been anywhere new for a while. I make it a priority to either fly or drive someplace I have never been before a couple times a year. 
  • Spending time with my family and friends – My family and friends are hands down the best people I know. They keep me grounded while at the same time reminding me to not take myself too seriously.  

When I am not busy creating, learning, traveling, or chilling with my people, you can find me with my nose stuck in a book or watching a horror movie. 

Some other, random facts about me are:

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween.
  • My favorite color is orange.
  • My favorite season is Autumn. (Noticing a theme here?) 
  • I’m an art journaling addict! I work in my art journal almost every day. 
  • I wear converse shoes everywhere, even to my own wedding.
  • I laugh at my own jokes. 

Want to connect and learn more? 

Email me at pixelpearlstudio@gmail.com if you have any questions or follow me on my social media accounts!

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