I love color…


My name is Amber Leigh Fagan and I am the owner and artist at Pixel Pearl Studio.  I live with my husband and two dogs in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Most days you can find me lounging around in leggings and a t-shirt with a coffee cup in hand as I doodle on my iPad Pro or working on a crafting project. 

I am a self-taught artist who is known for my bright and whimsical artwork and crafts that reflect my youthful outlook on life.  I consider myself a "color enthusiast" and, as someone who has struggled with depression, color surrounds me in positivity on those dreary days when it can be hard to get out of bed.

I am also an inquisitive person and I like experimenting with different artistic mediums. My new obsessions, besides drawing, are needle felting and jewelry making. My artwork often influences my crafting projects and I will use the same color palettes and themes in my artwork and crafts.

The goal of my studio is to encourage those who see my work to embrace their inner creative child and to not let the world steal their joy in learning something new. Don’t worry if your artwork is “good enough”. Don’t worry if you didn’t go to a fancy art school.

Use bright colors.

Draw or craft something quirky.

Just create. 

Live life in color.

Some other, random facts about me are:

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween.

  • My favorite season is Autumn.

  • I read A LOT.

  • I wear converse shoes everywhere, even to my own wedding.

  • I laugh at my own jokes.

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