Bright Happy Spring and all the Things

Ah, Spring! Take in that fresh overly-pollenated air. After this winter, I am particularly looking forward to warmer weather. I want to wear sundresses and sandals and eat outside at cafes. I want to sit by the pool again and read a good book. Also, Spring leads to Summer which then leads to Fall. So, it gets me closer to Fall.

Another benefit of Spring is all the color! Flowers, birds, and blue skies. It really gives me inspiration for color palettes for my artwork. I’m digging the soft pastel colors right now, even pink.

I’m also obsessed with bunnies. I saw some frolicking in the a field a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been sketching them ever since.

In addition to influencing my artwork, Spring always heralds in a time of “The Great Purge” where I go through literally every item in our house and discard what we don’t need or use or want. And let me just say that I was doing this long before Marie Kondo stepped onto the scene. My husband and I still rent (which we are completely happy with BTW so don’t bother posting crap about how we should buy a house. We prefer to live debt free for the moment, thanks), and we move around more than most people. During our last move from Carrboro (alas) to Chapel Hill, I realized that I was paying people to move things that I wasn’t even aware I still owned. Gah! And it was around this time a couple of years ago that we made that move and thus instituted the yearly “Great Purge”.

Let’s see, what else is new with me…I’m going to Miami at the end of the month! This will be my first time actually visiting the city instead of taking a pit stop in the airport, so I am looking forward to it. And OBVIOUSLY I am making my way to a Blick Art while I am down there. I’m also excited about lounging by the pool (bar) as well. But I think that is it for trips until September when we head to Montana and then in October where I am literally having my Spooky Pilgrimage (Salem and Sleepy Hollow).

So that is all for me now. Expect to see lots of bright colors in my artwork, rabbits, and photos from Miami.

Peace out, people.

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