My Return to Digital Products

Remember in the last post here where I soooooorta ranted about how much I hate having physical products to sell just lying around? Well, that’s still true. Not only have I done away with my stock, but I have also returned to another favorite of mine – creating digital goodies for you lovely people.

Lemme explain…

I consider myself first and foremost a digital artist, which means a lot of my work is done on some computer type device. My instrument of choice is my beloved iPad Pro. Using the Apple pencil and Procreate, I can hand draw my designs and give them rich textures. I then move my stuff into Illustrator to either create the patterns I want or to vectorize the artwork so I can size it for my surface designs.

Second, I consider myself a mixed media artist. I love using more than one art medium to create my work. I love creating rich layers of color and texture for backgrounds before I add in my critters and people. Not only can I do mixed media in my physical sketchbooks and get some good ol paint all over the place, but I have now created a technique that gives me that same look and feel on my iPad.

And with that comes the need for some digital products to use in my digital mixed media projects. Basically, it came down to this – I needed it and wanted it for myself, so I made it. Then I realized how versatile these products are and thought you all would like them too.

The best part is that these digital products are cheaper than physical products and there are no shipping costs! So you get them immediately at a reduced price. They also don’t take up valuable real estate in my tiny closets, so I can create and make infinitely. Win, win.

Digital Washi Tape

First up in my digital product line is my Mystic Moon Washi Tape. I drew all of the little elements I used to make the designs for these digital washi tapes. Then I created each tape as its own separate PNG file, so you can drag and drop once you save them to your iPad or computer. Also, you can print these off and use them in your art journaling or scrapbook projects. I’ve been using them in my digital mixed media background and am in love with them.

You can use these digital washi tapes for the following:

  • Planner apps such as Goodnotes and Notability
  • Insert as image in Procreate and other art apps
  • Use in Photoshop and Illustrator as collage elements
  • Print them off and use them as art journaling elements
  • Get creative!

In case you are wondering what the heck digital washi tape is and how you can use it, check out these helpful videos below:

How to Use Digital Washi Tape in Photoshop

How to Use Washi Tape in Goodnotes

Digital Washi Tape for Scrapbook and Homemade Cards

Am I Getting Rid of My Prints and Totes?

Nope. I love making artwork and tote bag designs, so they are not going anywhere. It just means that I will have the printers send you the items directly instead of me mailing them to you. This has two benefits for you: (1) it’s cheaper if they do it because then I don’t have to factor in the various costs of getting it to me into the price I charge you for, and (2) they package the items better than I can afford. I’m still a one woman studio and I’m operating on a super tiny budget. So I need all the help I can get, too.

Finally, I think having a mix of offerings and prices for people is key. I like making and selling quirky, unique things that aren’t found anywhere else. So have no fear, those odd prints and totes will be around, along with those odd digital items that will help make your life easier as well.

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