I Bought Washi Tape – Now What?

Maybe you’re like me – you get really excited about a purchase but then when you get it home, you wonder what the heck to do with it. This was me the first time I purchased washi tape… I mean, what exactly can you DO with decorative masking tape?

Turns out, you can do a lot.

There are a slew of sites out there that give you an exhaustive list of washi tape crafts. If you want to decorate your walls, doors, ceiling fans, and party ware with washi tape, then check out these sites:

Now, I don’t have the patience to do super complicated projects with ANYTHING, let alone washi tape. So here are my ideas for some cool ways to make the most of your washi tape stash:

  1. Decorate your snail mail! Use the tape to decorate or even seal the envelopes.
Source: Pinterest

2. Use in notebooks, journals, or diaries to decorate or break up sections of information! It’s also good for planners, especially when you want to highlight specific dates like below.

Source: Pinterest

3. Use in mixed media or collage projects! I use washi tape in almost all of my mixed media projects. I paint or draw over it, leaving small amounts of the tape visible. The artist below used it in the heart collage!

Source: Pinerest

4. Make some washi tape art! This kinda goes along with #3, but you can solely use washi tape to make art, instead of having it as one of the many elements.

Source: Pinterest

5. Use in gift wrapping! The obvious use is to tape the ends of wrapping paper, but I think the solution below is so cute!

Source: Pinterest

6. Decorate those boring #2 pencils! We all have those boring pencils lying around the house. Use washi tape to spice them up a bit, along with your journal covers while you’re at it 🙂

Source: Pinterest

There ya go! The sky is the limit when it comes to the uses of wahsi tape and I am sure I didn’t capture all of the cool, easy projects it can be used for. Those of you who use washi tape, what do you use it for? Anything cool that I missed here?

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