February is Lame And I Have Questions

Happy February! February has always been a kind of “blah” month for me. It’s not getting warmer (in fact, it usually gets colder), there is a lame “holiday” slapped into the middle of it, and the number of days it has shifts on you. And finally, I am constantly misspelling it (thank you, auto correct). So yeah, not a big fan of February.

But it is the beginning of a new month, so I thought I would drop in and give you some updates on what I’ve been doing and what I am working on.

First up, I have some new artwork on the way! Woo! I have prints coming in of the following artwork:

The “Love You to The Moon and Back” will be 8×10 and the “Butterfly and Flowers” will be 5×7. The little castle print is coming in as a square stretched canvas print! I want to add a variety of prints for people to choose from, including throwing in a few canvas options that come ready to hang.

Also, I’m brainstorming an idea for next year. I’m thinking about doing 12 5×7 prints that come in a bundle to frame, but these prints will have a calendar on them, so essentially you are getting a little desk calendar to put in a frame of your choice. And you can switch out the prints each month. I think this will be a handy way of decorating your desk at home or at work with some of my art that is also functional. What do you all think? Yes or No? Leave your comments below!

And finally, I would love to know your opinion on videos. Do you want to see videos from my studio? If so, what kind of videos? I want to get better about posting videos of what I’m working on and my process perhaps, but if there is something you would rather see, let me know. I could also do an online tutorial of some sort as well.

As I have said previously, I want 2019 to be the year of “doing”. I tend to talk a lot about things I want to do and then plan those things out, but I have a hard time actually doing those things. I’m not sure what is holding me back – fear, time constraints, perceived costs, or just laziness. Whatever the reason, I want to actually move forward with my plans.

And you, dear reader, get to be my accountability partner. I bet ya didn’t know that when you started reading this blog post 😉

So let me know the answers to the questions above. Seriously. I want to make stuff that you find cute and also useful. And as always, thank you for stopping by and reading my words. I hope February is a not-so-lame month for you.

2 thoughts on “February is Lame And I Have Questions

  1. The calendar that can be framed sounds cool! I like the idea of it serving as a decoration, plus a calendar. The calendar portion could also be trimmed away, and the image can be re-gifted to someone, as well. Good for the environment, right?
    I liked the videos of you working. It’s very soothing to watch someone “do art”.
    Some artists that I know that do this are Shlii Kawaii (on Instagram) and Nezlifestudios (on Instagram).
    I think for me, videos give me insight on how items are priced (how much work goes into them). I also appreciate all the time and materials involved. We don’t often see steps like a piece drying, or how much time/energy goes into the back end of creation.
    Nez did state for her pour art, a lot of artists are reluctant to share their tips, therefore there are not many videos about the “how to” and the actual materials used. However, she says that she wants to inspire others and our artistic skill can’t be replicated, even when the supplies are.
    I thought this was great, to consider sharing, even if somehow others might attempt to replicate the pieces. Protecting copyright or intellectual property might be something to think about.I think some artists use the videos to authenticate their work also (Jen Callahan comes to mind; another person recently attempted to pass off Jen’s work as hers, and it helped that Jen had videos to show some of her creation process.) It let customers know that she authentically makes her own pieces.
    It might be cool to make a video on how a piece comes from a doodle, to being colored in, to being “finished”. I am not sure exactly how that happens, but a start to finish video might be cool!

  2. Thank you!!! This response was very helpful. I’m glad that videos of me painting and doodling don’t bore others 🙂 I am working on a camera set up for my art space that has a good view of what I am doing. I will work on that and then get some process videos out. And I think the calendar is a great idea too. I have one on my desk and it adds a lot.

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