Hello hello! Thanks for reading another one of my blog posts. Today I want to share with you my dinosaur creations. I’ve been on a dino kick lately. Not sure why, but I’m drawing them like crazy!

Maybe it’s because it’s the dead of winter and I have nothing else to do but reminisce on my childhood. A few weeks ago I was thinking about – of all things – elementary school. I remembered learning about the dinosaurs and how completely fascinated I was that these large creatures once roamed the earth.

It inspired me to get a drawn’. So I created my next print, washi tape, and sticker set. I may even turn it into a pattern for a tote. What do you think? I personally think that these critters turned out awesome. And it was so much fun to draw them…kinda like when I would doodle them in my school notebooks way way WAY back in the day.

PS – My favorite dinosaur was T-Rex. Maybe because he had those itty bitty arms but was still kind of a bada$$. Which dino was your favorite?

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