2019 Here I Come

It’s a new year, baby! I’m excited to see 2019 walk in the door, to be honest. 2018 was kind of a craptastic year. Sure, good things happened and I didn’t accidentally do myself bodily harm, but overall, it was frustrating and long. And full of so much rain. Not metaphorical emo rain, but actual rain. 2018 is the wettest year on record for North Carolina. Sweet.

Anyway, 2019…

I am taking all of the lessons I learned last year and moving full steam ahead here with my studio. I learned A LOT and 2018 was a year of growth and moving out of my comfort zone.

For instance, all year long I was fighting creating actual products. I mean, I had artwork and totes for sale, but those were print on demand and didn’t suck up any actual real estate in my small home. But I since learned that print on demand doesn’t work for me most of the time. I need more control over my branding and packaging. Plus, I really really REALLY wanted to do stickers and journals and washi tape and you can’t do those with print on demand adequately. Or if you did, it would cost too much to make it worth the effort.

So I caved in and made some room for my artwork and products in my small studio.

And I’ll tell ya, I like looking at all of the wonderful things I made. I now have stickers and journals all safely tucked away and looking super cute. I’m expecting a shipment of washi tape in the next couple of weeks (YAY!) and I am working on a 12 month frame-able calendar for desks. I also plan on creating a short run of 2 or 3 tote and zippered pouch designs.

This is what is going to work for me and my little shop. Plus, I am working on some super cute freebies to go into the shipments as well (coming in February 2019).

As for me and my artwork, I am honing in on my personal style. I really like where 2018 took me artistically, but now it is time to create that signature look. And thanks to the wonders of my iPad Pro and Procreate, that look is taking shape. I sometimes get criticism for my child-like style. But I’ve grown more confident in my artistic style and the small words from others doesn’t really bother me anymore.

And if people don’t like the way my art looks, they are free to move on and make their own dang art.

Hand drawn critters and a plant in pastel colors.

In addition to everything above, I realized in 2018 that having multiple shops and portfolios for my stuff does NOT work for me. I don’t have the time or desire to update things in multiple places. And I like the control of having all of my stuff in one place. Which leads me to changes in my website that could happen this year. I love my website, but the platform (WordPress) isn’t really working for me anymore. The constant plugin updates are driving me batty and Woo Commerce isn’t cutting it. So I am going to look into options. But I will take my time about it. I want to find something that works for me as an artist and a shop owner. (Suggestions on platforms welcome in comments below!) I will be the first person to admit that IT is not my strong suit, so I want something that requires minimal effort on my part. I also want something that doesn’t let me crash and destroy the entire site by accident. That happened like twice in 2018.

So yeah, I learned a lot about what not to do.

Thanks for hanging with me this past year while I figure all of my stuff out. Here is to another year ahead and one that hopefully will bring some positive changes!

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