My October Favorites

It’s October which means all of my favorites will be Halloween-related! (Obviously.) This month, I’ve put together quite the spooky (but cute) collection of items that can help with that creative inspiration.

  • Pastel Halloween Planner Stickers by The Ginger Cat Co. – Help keep track of your spooky activities and deadlines this month with this cute stickers. I’ve really been into the pastel colors for Halloween this year. I think it is a nice refresh for the holiday. The stickers can be found here and each sheet contains 41 stickers for your planner.

  • Halloween Playing Cards – This is your standard playing card deck all transformed into a Halloween bonanza! These cards are really cute and the artist has done a great job transforming them into their own little works of art. You can get the cards here.

  • Halloween Sketchbook, found here – Draw all of your ghoulish designs in this sketchbook that features small pumpkins and ghosties. Pretty affordable for 120 pages too!

  • Halloween Art Prints – Need something to run your eyeballs over as you stare off into the ether for creative ideas? Instead of looking at the blank wall, look at the wall adorned with these cuties! It’s a digital file so you can download and print them as many times as you want. The prints can be found here.

  • Halloween Acrylic Paint Markers – Painters gotta paint. These markers let you get all of those details done right and in Halloween colors to boot! Also perfect for those craft projects and – as I found- for drawing on small pumpkins! The markers can be found here.


Stay tuned next month for my list of November favorites!

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