My September 2018 Favorites

Happy September, people!

Here is your monthly look-see at all the crap I spend my money on, at least the items I feel were worth the money. So let’s do this thing.

My September 2018 Favorites
  1. Plus Ergo Grip for Apple Pencil. First up we have my Apple Pencil grip, as seen below. I am one of those dorks that love all the accessories to all the things, and this little accessory has earned its keep. If you’ve ever held an Apple Pencil, then I think you can attest to how slippery it can be sometimes. Plus, I hold my pencils weird anyway, which doesn’t help. So this little guy has kept my fingers in place while I make all my happy digital drawings. And it is orange which is the best color of all time.

  • Glue Dots. Next, something I’ve recently starting using in my art journal and craft projects – Glue Dots. There ya go, people. Glue Dots. These things are just fun. And they add a cool 3-D effect to your projects. I also have the tendency to get glue EVERYWHERE when I use it and these little dots keep things nice and clean.

  • Zebra Zensations Brush Pen. I received this fine tip pen last month in my ArtSnacks box and I’ve pretty much been using it nonstop ever since.  I really like the line this pen produces and, BONUS, it’s waterproof. And I think it goes without saying that if you want a quality pen, Japanese pens are the way to go.

  • Alumicolor Hollow Triangle Drafting Scale Ruler. (What a mouthful.) Some people think that rulers are boring and those people are usually right. But I like this ruler! It’s small so it’s perfect for your traveling art bag. It is also this triangular shape which keeps it from moving around on your paper when you’re using it. Pretty freaking handy. Oh, and the other night I used it to prop up a photo as I was referencing it for a drawing. So, it’s multi-purpose.

  • Montana Glitter Effect Spray. Last but not least, glitter spray! First of all, let me just tell you to use this outside. You’re welcome. Second, this can be used on SO MANY THINGS. Paper, glass, acrylic…pretty versatile. I’ve used it this month to create a shimmery night moon and stars. There are plenty of glitter paints out there you can use as well, but if you’re kinda sorta lazy like me and want to get it all over with, then here ya go. Also…use it outside. Again, you’re welcome.


So those are my recommendations for September! Stay tuned for all of the Halloween things I recommend next month.

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