Spring Vibes


I realized that it has been a while since I posted on my blog. Oops! The intention to do so was there, I swear! I just, you know…didn’t do it. Anyway, I am doing it now and that fact is all that matters.

April 2018 was a huge bucket of win, so let’s get started with the post!

Shop Update

So lots of new things going on for me. First of all, my shop is up and running and I have some awesome prints available to buy! All three were first hand drawn and then scanned into my computer for color work and texture. Plus, all three would make a wonderful addition to any home (wink wink).


I have in the works a series of prints, mostly for kids I think or just the young at heart. These prints will be illustrations of animals. And maybe…just maybe…one illustration with mythical creatures. So far, I have the line work done for the “Sea Critters” print, it’s scanned into Adobe Illustrator as we speak and now I am trying to figure out how to go from there. I want to be more conscious of choosing gender neutral colors, so the prints will appeal to boys and girls. Or perfect to decorate a nursery for parents who are choosing to be surprised at birth with the gender (you people have amazing will power).

Oh! Don’t forget my RedBubble shop either. I just added the most adorable Christmas pattern for those of you who love Christmas year round (weirdos). 

How cute is this?! I did NOT add color to this one so people who want something subtle yet festive have an option. But fear not, color lovers! I am working on a version with color as well. In addition to all the aforementioned awesomeness, I will be adding the above pattern – as well as three additional patterns – to my Spoonflower shop. What is Spoonflower you say? It is a place where you can go and buy one of a kind fabrics, wallpaper, and giftware. And I do have some things for sale there as well.

Work Update

I am now working part time for an artist, updating her shop and helping with other admin duties. And I LOVE it! It’s low key and she is so easy to work with. And it gives me some extra money to spend on art supplies or horror movies. There is also the extremely full time job of my studio and LIFE but I have somehow managed to work the part time gig into the mix a well. And I am learning a lot from her, so there is an additional benefit. Furthermore, I will be working at the leasing office where I live part time this summer as a temp. Like I needed one more thing TO DO. But the super good reason for taking this three month stint is outlined below…

Lusting for an iPad Update

Yeah, I finally bought myself an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and all the other pretty accessories that come with it. It was an investment in myself and my studio is how I am choosing to frame shelling out that much money. Also, the leasing job will pay every cent of it back to my savings account. Adulting!

That’s all for now, peeps. I hope you all are getting outside some and enjoying the weather and have some awesome summer plans coming up. The hubs and I will be traveling to San Fransisco and the Red Woods in July, before heading to Philly in August for a friend’s wedding.

Stay tuned for those prints, y’all.

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    1. Thanks Tannis! It is wonderful to work part time. I really like being able to structure my day as I see fit. And I will certainly enjoy San Fran!

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