New Things Abound for Summer

Hey! Been a while since I’ve updated you all on the goings-on on my studio. Honestly, I’ve been a busy bee and creating all kinds of things. I decided to try my hand at t-shirts, while adding more totes and coffee mugs. And OBVIOUSLY I’m adding more artwork for sale.[Read more]

Lil’ Monster Art Video

So I was bored the other night and thought I would do a video for your viewing pleasure. I’m thinking about doing a little monster design set next and wanted to test out a monster idea. What do you think?

Bee-u-tiful Timing

Hey! Can you believe that April is almost over? CRAZINESS. But I’m happy about that. May is one of my favorite months…after October of course. It’s warm outside but not hot, our neighborhood pool is open, and the adventures of summer await. Although, ironically, I’m not taking any trips this[Read more]

Bright Happy Spring and all the Things

Ah, Spring! Take in that fresh overly-pollenated air. After this winter, I am particularly looking forward to warmer weather. I want to wear sundresses and sandals and eat outside at cafes. I want to sit by the pool again and read a good book. Also, Spring leads to Summer which[Read more]

New Video – Mixed Media Lion!

Here is my latest video of your’s truly creating a little mixed media/collage lion in blues, greens, and yellows. Also, did you know I have a YouTube Channel? Check it out here.