I Bought Washi Tape – Now What?

Maybe you’re like me – you get really excited about a purchase but then when you get it home, you wonder what the heck to do with it. This was me the first time I purchased washi tape… I mean, what exactly can you DO with decorative masking tape? Turns[Read more]

February is Lame And I Have Questions

Happy February! February has always been a kind of “blah” month for me. It’s not getting warmer (in fact, it usually gets colder), there is a lame “holiday” slapped into the middle of it, and the number of days it has shifts on you. And finally, I am constantly misspelling[Read more]


Hello hello! Thanks for reading another one of my blog posts. Today I want to share with you my dinosaur creations. I’ve been on a dino kick lately. Not sure why, but I’m drawing them like crazy! Maybe it’s because it’s the dead of winter and I have nothing else[Read more]

2019 Here I Come

It’s a new year, baby! I’m excited to see 2019 walk in the door, to be honest. 2018 was kind of a craptastic year. Sure, good things happened and I didn’t accidentally do myself bodily harm, but overall, it was frustrating and long. And full of so much rain. Not[Read more]

Free Holiday Gift

Hi there! In keeping with the spirit of the season, I am giving away my holiday card/print set to my newsletter subscribers. (Check out the image below!) And if you sign up after Christmas, don’t fret, I am sending this out until New Year’s for new subscribers. I am also[Read more]